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THE McGOOHANS & many more
V.A. - KRYPTON TEN (Christchurch 1981-87)
Format: 2LP set
Cat. no.: UN06
Regular edition: 330 copies
Special edition: 100 individually numbered copies with one-sided 7" and one of 100 original photos
Price: EUR 18.00 (special edition EUR 25.00)
In the early 80s Onset Offset Records of Christchurch, New Zealand released a stunning series of compilations, starting with the the legendary "20 Solid Krypton Hits" LP, but mainly materializing as small run cassettes, a VHS video and the eventual 7"EP. The Krypton volumes did not only feature surprisingly brilliant local acts like The Riptoids, The Oxes or Nick Slick, they also were stuffed with otherwise unavailable material by such luminaries as Bill Direen/The Bilders, Scorched Earth Policy or The Puddle, to name but a few.
In collaboration with Onset Offset Records Unwucht now releases the 10th volume in the series, a double LP set of 28 selections off K1-K9, along with 2 archival tracks available here for the first time: The full 4 mins version of Bill Direen's "High Thirties Piano" and a Devo-esque electro punk track by Drowning Is Easy, featuring M.S. Agro (later of the Terminals) on lead vocals and recorded in 1981.
The tracklist includes two more early Bilders tracks (as The Cherry Smash and Ritual Sex), a couple each by Scorched Earth Policy, The Axemen and The McGoohans, plus material by They Were Expendable, Alec Bathgate, The Puddle, Ritchie Venus & The Blue Beetles, The Gorillas (Steve McCabe's pre Axemen high school band), We Too's "Crushed Velvet Morning" from their extremely rare 7", a George Henderson solo opus from 1982 and tons more.
Everything has been re-masterd to great sound quality and the album comes in a screen printed gatefold sleeve including 2 pages of never before seen photos from the artists' private archives. In addition to that, two double sided inserts of liner notes written by the featured artists will give in insight to a yet undocumented Christchurch scene that existed besides the great nun.
A special edition of 100 copies will include an additional surprise track on a numbered one sided 7" single, plus one of 100 original screen shots off the K9 VHS video, printed on high quality photo paper.

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