Powertool Records: V.A.- "Bulletholes 4"

"Exploring The Unknown"

  1. Feyodor- Get well soon
  2. The Black Watch- The Stars in the Sky
  3. Attics & Cellars- Sheep and Wolves
  4. Vorn- A safe pair of Hands
  5. Rough Church- Goodbye to Greg 
  6. Sandra Bell- Caveman
  7. Brother Love- Gravity Is A State Of Mind
  8. One Man Bannister- You´d never know
  9. Juan Los Bastardos- Peice you off
  10. Dragstrip- Do Do Do
  11. Enshrine- Side of my own
  12. Starfire- Monster
  13. AJ Sharma- Guess it doesnt matter anymore
  14. New Hang Ups- The Girl in an adult World
  15. Malcontent- Meet me in Wellington (lie to me)
  16. Black Wings- Black Ice
  17. The Doubtful Sounds- Painting by Numbers
  18. Gold Medal Famous- Gold! Medal! Famous!
  19. Azalia Snail- Helaine´s Journey
  20. Cat & Sock- Exploring the Unknown

Compiling: Andrew Maitai & Thomas Keitsch

Coverartwork: Friederike Firnkes

Mastering: Karsten Zinsik

Contact: Powertoolrecords@yahoo.de


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